Let’s fire it up…

Thanks for joining me! I’m Michael Lee, and I’ve been a resident of this planet for a little over seven decades. Here in my home country that means I’m old. In other countries, like Japan and Taiwan where I also teach, it means I’m wise and respected (most of the time. Either way, instead of feeling jaded by life, I honestly feel more alive, more inspired, and more hopeful than ever. I want to share with you my passion for life. I want to tell you about ways to ignite that passion, and to share my belief that we can embrace life, give it a great shake, learn from it, transform it, and appreciate everything it gives us. It’s an incredible universal accident that we are even here… so let’s get into it and do it well.

I live in the small town of Great Barrington in Western Massachusetts. For the last few

september-01-2018-at-0710am1years, I’ve probably spent more time on an airplane than on the local main street. And I love it. I’m fortunate to have found a way to do what I love almost every day. I have the opportunity to travel to wonderful places and work with inspiring people. I love my wife and partner of 33 years more than ever, and I am the father of five amazing human beings who are among my greatest teachers. So, welcome to my personal website and blog. I look forward to serving you.

When I accept myself as I am, then I can change. 

– Carl Rogers

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