Spring and Poetry

On my morning walk today I could “feel” Spring – a real visceral body sense of it.   Spring has been a while coming this year here in the Berkshires in MA where I live.  But today there was no mistake.  It was full on.  The buds on the trees were ready to pop and the daffodils were displaying their bright yellow in several gardens I passed.  The air felt crisp in anticipation of a warmer day and light on a nearby lake took on that clear bright “let me show you everything” feel.  For a moment I reflected on why so many poets had written about Spring.  By really feeling it today I felt quite uplifted and inspired.

I’m not a poet but I am an avid student of change, particularly in relation to people. To me, Spring is more of an inspiration and validation of the process of change than it is the subject for a poem.   So, I let my mind head off in that direction rather than waxing profusely with words and imagery.

I asked myself:  Am I really in touch with the seasons in my daily life?  Is there a time in my life for bursting forth with new energy and allowing my creativity to manifest?

I’ve spent a lot of time in front of my screen lately, tweaking the curriculum for our yoga therapy school and writing my next book.  This is somewhat creative but it’s more of a process with which I’m familiar and comfortable.  Where’s the new growth in my life I wondered.  And how do I prepare the garden in my life for new growth to flourish?

One of my mentors recently suggested I find some time in my life for artistic and creative pursuit. Gardening came into the conversation until I realized that with my summer travel schedule and no one to tend to it, my plants would not fare well.  My interest in Japan led to the exploration of calligraphy.  I could picture the joy of creating a beautiful kanji of a Japanese concept and displaying it on my wall, but that one would require a long and slow learning curve.

Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places.

Maybe, just maybe, my moment of reflection by a beautiful lake bathing in the morning light today was a sign.  And my immediate thought about poets and spring.   Maybe, just maybe, I could wax wisely with words and be able to let go of my belief that I’m not a poet.  Perhaps I could allow the poet in me some room to play. Even if just for a few minutes every now and then.  It would mean letting go of some inhibitions and negative self-talk.   So why not?  Let me share with you with my first attempt.

Pregnant, Ready to burst, Full and vibrant, life to come, Pregnant, Ready to burst,

That energy abounds, in the buds, the song of the birds enlivens, the brightening light, seeing clearly

A deep love of life within it all

A life that knows birth and knows death too

And right here right now

Comes again in fullness

Bursting forth.  It’s Spring. Bursting forth.

 What words and phrases describe your experience of spring?  Please share below as I’d love to expand my spring vocabulary for next year.


2 thoughts on “Spring and Poetry

  1. Virginia E Howland-McCann

    Beautiful I have to say. Your poem was envisioning for me. I could feel the words as I read them.
    I remember a few days ago when driving, I found myself really taking in this spring. the multicolor greens hit me most.
    It came to me that in all the years I always found fall to be so colorful. the resting of the trees, vibrant. this spring I had an epiphany of sorts. The spring holds life as you so bravely wrote in your poem. I found that spring also for me showed me the wonder of the green pallet. so many shades of green. I wondered if Crayola Company has captured all the shades. :).

    Thank You again for this read this morning as it is a beautiful astounding time of year.

    To the blooming of the planet,
    In Peace
    Virginia McCann

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  2. Yvette

    Renewal, Rebirth, Remembrance, Energy, Joy, Bounce, Activity – some of the words that come to mind as I consider my experience of spring.

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